Monday, December 8, 2008

Kate's Wrapup

Kate's party was a fun time. Hundreds of people came and kept the fairly small bookstore jammed for four hours. Here are some highlights:

We met author Robert Parker--took a picture with him.

David Laurila stopped by. I'd only talked with him online before--he wrote this book, which is a compilation of interviews he's done with people in the Red Sox organization.

Got to meet Hank Philipi Ryan in person. You know her from Jungle Red among other things.

I met a woman who used to live in Danbury, CT, and knew almost the entire cast of characters I knew while I was living there.

We chatted with a woman who is probably the biggest mystery fan in the world. She had things for my mom to sign that we'd never seen before.

Saw Dave Zeltserman again--he was with us when we had our release party at Murder Under Bones.

Our next event will be a signing at the Bookworm in West Hartford, CT, on Saturday, December 20th, from 11-1.

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