Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Big Day

The interview on WTIC (the station I grew up desperately trying to pull in over static to hear the Red Sox games on) went great. My mom and I were on from our separate houses, and we didn't talk over each other once...

Then at Redbones, lots of people were there, lots of books were sold and signed, and everybody seemed to have a good time. Kate of Kate's Mystery Books, who puts on these parties, was really nice, and invited us to sign at a holiday party at her store. We met a lot of other really nice people, too. Even though I used to live right near Redbones, I never knew how Red Sox-y their bar was. The owner showed us around--they have these giant posters with every Sox player's stats, and trivia questions on the wall. I'll have to watch a game there next year. (She assured me they have some good vegetarian stuff.)

We got to sign a book for Stephen King! Granted, he hasn't gotten it yet, but Kate said he does go to her store sometimes--so if he does, he'll get our book. That would be the holy grail, right there. Of course, his buddy and ours, Stewart O'Nan, gave us a blurb for the jacket, so maybe Stephen will see our book, turn it over, and say, "Ah, approved by Stewart....I wonder if these authors would like to sit with me in my sweet box seats at Fenway...." (Notice where my priorities are. Then again, I'd be happy with a signed copy of The Shining. With Red Sox tickets inside. There's a lot of ways he could go, really....)

[Update: Terribly, I forgot to mention I also got to meet Bill Nowlin, and sign a book for him!]

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