Friday, October 31, 2008


I was thinking, what are the other big national booksellers besides B&N and Borders (and Amazon)? I actually had to look it up. Turns out the next biggest is Books-a-Million. They've got our book, and their on-line "club member" rate is a couple cents cheaper than Amazon's. So, you can choose them, or one of those others, but we hope you'll get it from an independent bookstore like Kate's in Cambridge, Bookworm in West Hartford, Broad Street Books in Middletown, CT, or Murder by the Book if you happen to be in Houston, Texas.

I've had a lot of really cool experiences with putting out my first book, but one I haven't had yet is seeing it for sale in one of the chain stores--B&N shows every New England store having Dirty Water in stock, so I'll have to check out my nearest one tomorrow.

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