Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jungle Boogie

Today I have a guest blog up on Jungle Red Writers. Check it out, and feel free to leave a comment over there.

I wanted to put some other pics in there, but we couldn't work them in. So I'll post them here. First, my mom when her first book, The Book of Phoebe, came out, at the party her friends threw for her:
Check out those frames! Oh man, my mom's gonna kill me when she sees this up here.

And here's the shot of my sister and I in her memoir, Girls of Tender Age:


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Thanks Jere! What a great blog today at Jungle Red..I'm sure you made lots of new fans---for this blog--and for your terrific book!

Nora said...

Sadly, that's the family as I remember you guys best. Hope to see you this Thanksgiving week. Conard and I are coming up Wed. through Sun. Maybe a get-together at Mel or Ame's?

Jere said...

Hopefully one of those days we can spring free and see you guys!